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  Yo, lovers of good prog trance music.If you are on this so u didn't mistaken cuz u got on da right site bro.Only here you will be able to listen and download high quality trance music!Several years I daily download more than 50 albums of prog trace music for u my bro!I love very much prog music, and i wanted to u my bro to have the pleasure that i had for u! From those 50 albums i chose only 1-2 songs cuz other sucked!And here for 7 years of work i finally made a small collection of high quality and beautiful trance prog music that i want to share on this site just for u!From my collection shows that the best music does musicians from: Denmark, Germany, Israel, Sweden and Greece other countries does not have good musicians.Whole my life I listened to hard-rock bands from England.In other countries hard-rock was not so beautiful and professional, only some exceptions.So here at 2004, in the world appeared musicians-programmers that began doing fine progressive trance music.Don't be confused with European pop progressive music that if full in the music-stores. That is played Ibiza that is played for stupid people. I think those who are brought up on pop music and with the advent of trance Moved, as they believe a higher level of progressive, started listening to evropoptrans easy, I consider myself advanced in contemporary electronic music, but for me, they have remained in the swamp of stupid EuroTrance pop.  So dudes sorry I’m out of da subject, so these musicians-programmers started to qualitative electronic music,From the beauty and the sounds she recalled that good hard-rock music, and i began to collect it.. And collect... and collect.. till i had this big collection.I don't suggest u to pump ur self with drugs, but u can blow one joint before listening to those tracks(cuz only then u can really understand the meaning of the song),i highly recommend u.Amateurs of Eurotrance pass by and even don't begin to listen it, because this music is not for u! Well but true amateurs and lovers of good prog trance music are welcomed at this web-site!!About the payment, do not misunderstand me, this work my entire life, many of the tracks You cannot find anywhere else on the Internet, only here you can download them, The content of the site also costs money, so I made the minimum payment, That at least as to justify my expenses for the creation of this site. 
                     The cost of downloading tracks:
                           1 track -  1    U.S. $

                         10 tracks - 7   U.S. $ (0.7 $ track)

                         20 tracks - 12 U.S. $ (0.6 $ track)

                         50 tracks - 25 U.S. $ (0.5 $ track) 

Now, about the mixes, so many deserving musicians perform in clubs And festivals a mix of their songs or specifically in the studio recorded,Such mixes are worth but few are good, but here's what I gathered, it is necessary to recordOr for home or to work in a club, if you're a professional DJ. 


                     The cost of downloading mixes: 

                           1.mix - 3  $ USD                   

                           5 mix - 10 $ USD

All tracks and mixes were tested in clubs and on festivals.Good and fast downloading bro!